Going To Concerts With A Disability (or two), with E.T. Russian


(RECORDED ON MARCH 10, 2023) Many music lovers enjoy going out to see their favorite artists live.  Some of us music lovers have disabilities, making it not as easy to navigate this world.  In conversation with jamilah (who is a below-knee amputee (BKA)) is E.T. Russian (a double amputee for much, much longer); an old friend who reunited, 20 years later. 

E.T. and jamilah discuss positive (and not-so-positive) experiences with consent, awareness and acknowledgement; there’s also a discussion about the structural improvements made over the years in regards to venues, and the spaces for improvement. 

Thanks for listening!  For questions, comments, etc.  you can reach us here: musicandwejj@gmail.com



About jamilah

i think about a lot of things, and sometimes i write about them.
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