What And Who Is Stan (Culture)?


(RECORDED ON FEBRUARY 27, 2023)  This episode is finally up!  A lot of things have happened since then (in relation to some of the things we discussed here), but the primary subject (sadly in some ways) is perhaps timeless. 

jesse and jamilah discuss the formation of what (a couple of days later after this recording) became ‘If Darkness Had A Son’ (to be released on Metallica’s 12th album, 72 Seasons).  Also discussed was paris Jackson’s interview with Steve-O. 

The main subject of this episode was the culture of stanning; the etymology of it as well as the difference between stanning and regular ‘ol fandom. 

Are you a stan of something/someone?  Let us know!

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i think about a lot of things, and sometimes i write about them.
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