The ’Giving Flowers’ series (episode 1): Mudhoney (feat. Abby Denson)

(RECORDED ON APRIL 8, 2023) We aren’t getting any younger, and neither are some of the artists we love.  We wanted to present a way to appreciate folks while they are still here (even if they’re not currently producing music in that iteration), hence the ‘Giving Flowers’ series. 

Our first episode is dedicated to Mudhoney, one of the last living ‘anti-establishment’ bands (that aren’t Anarcho punk, or traditionally ‘anti-establishment’ in the way we’re conditioned to think about what that means).  Our special guest is Abby Denson; not only is she one of the biggest Mudhoney fans we know, but she also, many moons ago started two bands with co-host jamilah (who was inspired by the band to pick up a guitar).  Similar to with E.T. Russian, jamilah became reunited with Abby (as well as the drummer in our first band, Mayumi), post accident. 

Mudhoney just released a new album, Plastic Eternity, and we discuss how the band still cleverly holds disdain not only for the music industry, but capitalism, consumerism, fascism and environmental destruction due to human carelessness.  In a time where people advocate for ‘politics to not be in music’; we love them for rejecting this sort of idealism, eschewing the stereotype of ‘Boomers’ or ‘Generation X’ becoming less confrontational and/or more conservative when it comes to these things.  

Thanks for everyone involved in Mudhoney, past and present (Dan Peters, Matt Lukin, Steve Turner, Guy Maddison, Mark Arm, Ed Frotheringham, etc.) for keeping the spirit of rebellion alive in music.

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