michael, peace will come, no matter what: a reflection (no. 12)

so…  i just did about 24 minutes of thriller dancing.  i did the film version four times, the full song (via the ‘thrill the world’ version) once, and danced to chiranjevi’s ‘golimar’ (aka ‘indian thriler’) version- and i used up approximately 234 calories (according to my heart rate monitor).  i exercise pretty much every night/morning before i go to bed, and that dance is a workout in and of itself.  you are using every part of your body.  i love doing bootcamp-type stuff, and something like the thriller dance is pretty lightweight for me.  but still…  no wonder you stayed so thin, michael!  in the thriller film, you looked so thin i wanted to strap you down and feed you!

the thrill the world event is coming up, and i usually teach it every year- it’s been about six years since i’ve been doing it, and i like teaching it- but i don’t necessarily like performing it!!!  i don’t like people taking pictures of me.  a lot of people ask me to be up front during the main event, so i usually just wear a mask so i don’t see people.

that’s me in the above video with the mask on, in black.  i had a very bad knee that day.  ouch.

and here’s us doing it double time (to a version by cachicamo con caspa):

you wanna talk about a workout…!

i’m gonna go finish exercising now, but i also wanted to mention this video everyone’s been sending me- i think it’s so kind of everyone to think of me when it comes to you, my teacher.  when people speak to me at times, they even acknowledge you as my teacher.  it amazes me.

this video though, it’s the ohio state university marching band honouring you.  they even did a ‘moonwalking’ effect, as well as a lean.  my favourite part though, is when they formed a star whilst performing ‘man in the mirror’, and brought out the blanket with your image.  when i first saw that i actually touched my chest where my heart is, and almost cried.

your presence (and transcendence) still affects me greatly.  and it’s wonderful to know people, in their own little ways, continue to honor the teachings.

love, jamilah

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i think about a lot of things, and sometimes i write about them.
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1 Response to michael, peace will come, no matter what: a reflection (no. 12)

  1. Ms. Koski says:

    How awesome!!! Go Buckeyes 🙂

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