michael, peace will come, no matter what: a reflection (no. 13)

teacher, i feel it’s of utmost importance i say this right now, particularly in light of the more recent posthumous album being released (the title:  ‘xscape’), and the debates surrounding it.  so for a moment i’m going to step out of this conversation with you (of course which has not been recorded in months), and speak directly to those who love you.


this is a message i want to make very clear for people who are in the community of michael advocates and students.  i’ve seen far too many people unnecessarily attacking each other, putting so much energy into negativity, as opposed to focusing on what (i feel anyway) michael’s true message and teachings were.

ultimately, none of us (not even michael) is perfect, and we need to honour that.

i am hearing that some folks who have purchased or supported this ‘xscape’ project are being attacked.  i am extremely open in my lack of support for the executors’ actions (as i don’t see any support of the teachings on their part); however, i am not willing to judge others who feel differently than i do.  it’s as if love for michael has one being forced to take sides between the executors, or the family.  if you choose not to take EITHER side, then you are the most evil person in the world.

i have not purchased any posthumous albums, nor do i consider any posthumous projects to be physically associated with michael in any way.  that said, if others do, then they have their reasons.  who am i to attack them?

for me, i am focused on the TEACHINGS, and not all of the drama.  michael is no longer here, so acting as if he is and fighting over him as if he is solves nothing.  if neither side is focused on the teachings (and personally i don’t see it on either side), then i am not willing to expend energy on them.

before i get into the main point of this message, i want to state how, in my ideal world, what ‘should’ be happening:

-the executors select someone from the fan base (or a well-known advocate) to be a curator for any future albums.  so many of the fans have access to unreleased material.  let the fans decide what they want to hear (and the curator takes that information), as opposed to deciding what songs should go where, and ‘contemporizing’ them with remixes which have everything in existence except michael’s soul.

-while someone’s busy working on keeping michael’s musical legacy in check, the executors could focus more on the mission and teachings.  they could actually work towards that children’s hospital michael mentioned shortly before his transcendence, that he wanted to build with funds from his concert residency.  the executors could maintain foundations and scholarships in michael’s name.  they could focus more on the teachings as opposed to only ‘intellectual property’, and maintaining the idea of michael as a product.

what i am writing here was actually prompted by my being attacked on more than one occasion, regarding my feelings on martin bashir.  do i think of him?

no.  i see him as a distraction from, again, the message and the teachings.  people have written to me, expressing ‘shock’ over the fact that i am not upset at what bashir did to michael.  i’m not upset at bashir because, as john lydon once sang, “anger is an energy.”  if i am to be upset at bashir, this would require me actually putting an energy into him i’m not willing to expend.  to me, there are far worse things to be upset about in the world, than some man who’s very job it is to exploit celebrities.  bashir’s exploitation of michael (and others) does not cease the respect i have for michael.

let me stop there, before i repeat myself.  below is more or less what i wrote in response to one person’s ‘shock’:

“…i will reiterate what i mentioned in several videos on this subject.  bashir (and lauer as well) is doing his job- it is to exploit people.  why people are shocked that he would do this to michael, i will never know.  michael, being well aware of exploitation, had his own camera crew for that reason.  i’m not going to expend strong energy for someone i am aware exploits people. 

bashir did a horrible job.  and?  that’s what he’s getting paid to do.  just as the people on MSNBC/CNN/FOX/etc. are paid to be mouthpieces for whatever governmental administration is in d.c., and shutting down dissenting voices.  bashir’s role in media is bigger than whatever program he did with michael. 

how many people fighting over… bashir actually put in the same amount of work towards fighting imperialism/colonialism/capitalism?

how many people fighting over the estate are protesting their tax dollars being used to fund drone strikes on innocent people?

you put energy into something (negative OR positive), you focus on them.  i choose not to focus on bashir. 

as i mentioned on a recent video i did (note: it’s the video above), there is no one way to love or appreciate michael.  ‘loving’ him is not a popularity contest, nor is there a handbook of rules to do so.  the respect i have for michael may be different from someone else’s respect, and that is fine.  it is not up to me to judge their connection with him.

and though i love his music, i also mention many times that my love and respect for michael falls largely outside of his professional career.  therefore my focus on bashir is not needed, as it has nothing to do with my respect for michael.  honestly (as i mentioned many times as well), that interview with bashir made me appreciate michael even more.  this is proof of his character as a man, that no amount of exploitation can squelch his humanity.

the universe presented michael to us for a reason, and we want to hold on to this specific image of him, when he meant many things to many people.  what have we learned from his time here on earth?  people consistently speak of how michael was all about ‘peace and love’, and within seconds attack anyone who doesn’t give a pitch-perfect view of what they feel michael represents.  how can one claim to be a ‘soldier of love’ and wholly ignore the values being that sort of ‘soldier’ supposedly represents? 

michael once stated that his fans are ‘activists’; as they would stand behind him in support.  what i’m seeing though, is that some people in the fan base grasp onto a certain image of the celebrity (or let’s be honest, product) called ‘michael jackson ™’; however, they do not truly stand for the message of the man, warts and all. 

it would be silly of me to expect that everyone loves michael in the same way i do.  some people may not like the type of art he presented.  that’s perfectly fine.  there are plenty of others who do. 

it’s high time we stop focusing on the negatives, and honour what michael brought to the table.  michael has been gone from this earth for five years; it’s not necessary to continually relive the past.  if people are so focused on what others did to michael (when he’s DEFINITELY now in a much better place), that vibration is sent out; and it’s going to remain, as long as that focus is there.  is our love for michael closing us off to the many other positive experiences we could be having with others?

it really IS about L.O.V.E.- the law of vibrational energy.


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3 Responses to michael, peace will come, no matter what: a reflection (no. 13)

  1. Clever says:

    Hi jamilah! Your whole point on all of this certainly is shared by me! I just want to make sure to support your opinion. Thanks for bringing a better perspective on these issues.

    • jamilah says:

      thank you so very much. there are times i do feel alone in my views. at this point in life i feel that’s okay though, because i am standing beside my truth. i won’t deny that it’s nice to have support though. thanks again…

      • Clever says:

        We all have these feelings and it’s ok though! But congratulations for your thoughts, I’ve watched some videos from you and they are always sincere and share good memories of the great singer Michael was and his music ! My skype is cleverdm add me later. Thanks keep up!

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