a silent walking vigil for the teacher…

firstly, i have not been here for a while because i have had extremely limited access to the computer due to circumstances beyond my control…  but let us not fret, for i am here now. 

secondly, as of tomorrow it will be three years since you left this earth.  the past two years have been sad; however, i have generally come to terms with you not being here.  this year though, i am feeling particularly sad.  i wanted to have a pro-active reaction to this grieving experience (at the same time honouring the teachings) and i figured i would go on a silent walking vigil.  i am going to rest soon, then mentally prepare myself, as i have a feeling it will be a hard day.  i will be walking for a bulk of the day, and i wrote a little informational sheet which explains why i am doing what i am doing…


annual silent walking vigil for michael jackson
25 june

we are taking time out today to not simply mourn the violent (as we see it) loss of life of a great teacher; we also want to silently reflect on the teachings in a society which does not honour them.

  • he ‘died’ as a reluctant commodity,as his desire to help disenfranchised people sustained him…  on his ‘death bed’ he aimed to use funds for the ‘this is it’ tour, to build the world’s largest children’s hospital.  also those who worked with him for that tour claimed he wanted to perform in economically disparaged nations to help them empower themselves.
  • in our research we observed that the ‘this is it’ contract may not have been a contract at all- but a type of ‘promissory note’ which stated that if he fell back on his financial commitments to the tour he’d have to surrender his catalogue, etc.  it’s very clear to us that michael either did not fully read the contract or was coerced into signing it.  this can be debated all day (rightfully so); in our view and research though, all signs point to the murder of our teacher, as he held valuable non-liquid (aka: not bank notes or coins) assets. 






as another ‘anniversary’ of michael’s transition has arrived, we acknowledge that globally as we become smaller, we are also isolating ourselves through technology, instant foods, desire for quick celebrity, and much more.

while we recognize michael’s dependency on certain pharmaceuticals in order to to maintain a life as a performer- as well as dealing with any emotional pains- we aim to take the focus off of one individual’s dependency, and question whether he or others had alternative/wholistic options to their ailments.  if indeed people HAVE utilized their options, was there a support network to maintain this path?  michael nor anyone else needed to cry in pain or leave this world alone. 

as usual, to silence anyone who questions anything; there is a prompting by media organizations to focus on an individual’s dependency on drugs, as opposed to truly studying ALL the circumstances surrounding ‘death’.  nor is there an ongoing investigation of the pharmaceutical industry- these corporations which not only promote treating symptoms as opposed to the whole problem; but they also lobby to criminalize wholistic techniques to health care. 

for us, it is imperative to speak out against injustice in ALL its forms.  we do what we can to fight injustice every day; however, it’s usually with a speaking voice.  through this vigil we will show that silence does not always imply compliance.  we will continue this silent vigil every year on the ‘anniversary’ of our teacher’s transcendence, until justice for all peoples around the world is recognized…  until we make notions to heal ourselves wholistically…  until corporations concerned with only the bottom line either cease or finally value life…  until we ALL speak and act out against injustice.  because when we all finally do that, this is when true justice will be a tangible reality. 


perhaps that will be one step towards “heal(ing) the world”.

love, jamilah

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