michael, peace will come, no matter what: a reflection (no. 10)


i was just listening to ‘heal the world’, and tears started rolling down my eyes.  these days, generally i am okay emotionally; i have taken steps to care for myself, get enough rest, eat better, drink more water, get plenty of exercise…  but somehow, lately, listening to that song has been cathartic for me.  it’s presenting a whole range of experiences, from pain to joy.

there was a time a couple of weeks ago, i was riding my bicycle, and i played the song out loud.  i began to sing out loud along with it.  it felt really good to do that- healing, i will say.  i sing the song out loud at work all the time.  i even listened to it yesterday a couple of times before i went out and did radio and community work.  sometimes my spirit tells me there is a great need for that song.  and i feel like now is an important time for this song.


the more we see these class lines being drawn- where more and more people who’ve felt comfort are now losing that comfort- the more we see those who still are fortunate enough to live in said comfort hold on tightly; along with this grip comes judgements of those who were not so fortunate.   i do a work around foreclosure awareness and advocating for people to stay in their homes; and i run into more than enough people who cry that those who have lost their homes to foreclosure deserve it because they are lazy or just didn’t work hard enough.  despite the vast evidence of the criminality of the banking institution regarding foreclosures, there are still people who refuse to acknowledge that many people who worked hard to maintain this portion of an ‘american dream’ did so whilst being lied to. 



there are people in this world who don’t think every living being on this earth is deserving of food, shelter, water, love and respect.  these people believe that you have to work in order to attain these basic things.  in order to live you need basic sustenance; these are NOT things you should have to fight for.   so much of what we need is around us (in nature); and we see it constantly purchased, subsidized or stolen by corporations, and patented.  how can anyone say they own a patent on NATURE?  what is the first lesson in the teachings?

THAT WE ARE ALL A PART OF EACH OTHER.  to say that some people are deserving of basic necessities of life and others are not is absurd, and going directly against universal law.  you get from the universe what you put out; and if you consistently advocate for individualism, you WILL ultimately be alone.


i just had to put this out there…  there’s so much i want to say, but i am saving it for other writings.  i just want you to know that your teachings are extremely important at this moment, and there appears to be a mass resistance to them.  however, i see a movement to move towards them as well.

in a little less than two months, it will be three years since you have physically left this plane.  it’s still very hard for me to even visualize that.  it’s interesting, because i feel the universe speaking in terms of the teachings even more right now…  i can’t say if it’s you speaking to us here, asking us to remember you.  all i know is that i get more people coming to me about you.  the energy is there.  sometimes the energy is very off, but it’s still there.

i remember the day you left very well and i don’t want to relive it.  again, i do my best to be the best student i can be in these times.  i just want to honour the teachings.  that’s all i want to do.  and right now in these times, i am feeling the most energy in the messages of ‘heal the world’ and ‘another part of me’.  those are two very basic universal teachings which are noted in our culture, particularly since you put light to them.  however, to what degree these messages resonate with the world is another question.

i shall ask for guidance from the universe and the ancestors, and again hope that my contribution to the teachings are positive and helpful/useful.

love, jamilah


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i think about a lot of things, and sometimes i write about them.
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