michael, may you now be at peace: a reflection (no. 92)


as you know, these past few months i have been so troubled as of late; so confused as to how to approach things in relation to you.  as a student, i have made the conscious decision to not close myself off from learning about the details of what’s been going on in relation to your transcendence…  i am doing my best to not be guided by my emotions.  HOWEVER!  the sensitivity i have to peoples’ energies regarding your transcendence and the world at large is difficult to shake, and i find myself doubting where i am in this world because of it sometimes. it’s hard not to feel like a prisoner of this sensitivity, in particular when there are people who make me feel like i am.  i’m still very new at recognizing the extent to which this specific sensitivity plays out in my life, even though i have always been sensitive to energies.

i’m not saying i am crazy (even though it feels that way sometimes)…  living in this world though, we are made to not recognize the energies around us.  and those who do are generally considered ‘schizophrenic’ or ‘delusional’.  there are people in this world who have maintained the connections with the ancestors, and will always maintain an awareness of the damaging effects of the society we live in.


with all that i have made the decision to take it all in, step back and just observe.   i know that whatever happens, in the end, the actions of those on earth can never tamper the teachings.  i may not agree with some of the decisions you’ve made throughout your life (just as i’m not always happy with decisions i’ve made); still there is something to be said for intent.

this is ultimately what upsets me with the process of how the ‘estate’ is treating your artistic legacy:  i do not see them paying respect to the teachings.  they have separated the mind and body connection you have spent your life to represent and embody.  it’s obvious you marketed yourself to present a certain image; there is a fine line between how you marketed yourself and how you are being marketed now.

if i were not familiar with your work at all until after 2009, i’d think you were only a song and dance man with no regard for the energy around you.  how you are being marketed right now is a reflection of the marketing of de-sensitization.   the corporation is now totally in control of how we see art.  it has been that way for a long time; however, there were enough artists in the industry to keep the illusion that the artist was the most important factor in how a record sells.  there was the illusion of ‘artist development’.  we are encountering a society now which is based on nothing but instant gratification…  and this is how artists are marketed.  this is primarily what i speak against- not necessarily the fact that those running the estate must work quickly to repay back loans and creditors.  yes that must be done; but really, there is such a thing as integrity in how they go about repaying these loans.

people say i take all of this too personally; that i am getting wrapped up in a situation i cannot control.  again, this is about energy.  this is about integrity.  this is about maintaining the teachings.  i take this very seriously.


we each are presented a blank slate in this life…  along the way we are given a set of tools which may or may not connect us with other lives we have led.  those who are sensitive to energies will begin to remember different variations of the tools, in the people or situations they encounter.  when you are sensitive to energies, people in this life may seem familiar, despite the fact you seemingly have never met them.  michael, seeing you speak…  watching your body language; i have engaged many triggers which enabled me to recognize the tools i needed to use in order to do the true work of healing my own past.  the key though, was in just using them.  it was a very long journey, which led me to where i am today.  the journey still continues.

it is always important for me to ask for guidance and assistance.  so again, before i went to bed i asked if there was anything i needed to do…  what my role was in this whole thing.  remember, i am still new at it all…  actually acknowledging my role as a student.  it is a major role to play, in a world which conditions us to reject the teachings.  i will probably stumble for the rest of my life.


when i got out of bed to go to work i had a revelation:  one that had to do with ‘captain EO’.

before i get into that, i want to say this:  before i went to work i struggled, looking for my glasses.  i remember taking them off as i got into bed, and placing them on the table beside me.  i tend to misplace my glasses before i leave, so this was nothing unusual.

i stopped looking for the glasses, thinking i would just go into work without them.  it would be a bit of a struggle to see, but i’ve had to go around without glasses many a time, for various reasons.  for some reason, i decided to look one more time…  and the glasses were neatly placed on my bed, on the little blanket where lumbia rests (and she is resting there now).  i do not know if this is an answer to the guidance i asked for, but i do know that it is definitely part of SOME sort of journey…


before i found the glasses though, i woke up with ‘captain EO’ in my head.  i took this to stem from a conversation i had before i went to bed about the film, and ‘another part of me’, a song you composed for it.  in my estimation, that song is about universal law:  more specifically, the law of vibrational energy.  the L.O.V.E.  it is to me, your greatest teaching…  a popular song which speaks to the interconnectedness of all species.

in the midst of the conversation, i recognized yet again how important energy is to conveying a message.  even if what you say is difficult to decipher; the energy in which you deliver the message will resonate.  the second verse of the song is consistently misinterpreted (thanks to there being no second verse printed on the original lyric sheets when the song ended up on the ‘bad’ album)- but that is the gift of (mis)interpretation.  we are all able to decipher what the message means to us.


so…  i went to bed with THAT message on my mind, but got OUT of bed with the OTHER song you composed for the film, ‘we are here to change the world’…  and it hit me.  you were doing some sort of ‘witnessing’.  both songs in the film were a clear cross between your traditional religious practise and a more open spirituality.

‘we are here to change the world’ doesn’t even have that many lyrics; nor is it a long song at all.  but the message is concise.

We’re on a mission
In the everlasting light that shines
A revelation
Of the truth in chapters of our minds

So long, bad times
We’re gonna shake it up and break it up
We’re sharing light brighter than the sun
Hello , good times
We’re here to simulate, eliminate
An’ congregate, illuminate

once again taking a dip into the wells of interpretation; i see a message here about spreading the message of JEHOVAH (the ‘mission’), and working to reach those who also believe in that message.  those who have grasped the message (the ‘congregation’) will enter ‘paradise’.

i ALSO see a message of finding the connection between ourselves and GOD: “’cause the power’s deep inside my soul”…  and this ‘revelation’ (which kind of lends itself to double usage here) of that connection will enable us to encounter ‘truth’ wherever we go.  this interpretation of the song is where i tend to connect with.  in all of the destruction in the world, we will seek and encounter truth.

and those who encounter truth will question the world around them.


in other words, michael, you took us to church, where we least expected it.

still, i don’t know if this is is something which is an aspect of guidance.  i’m just going to take every bit and imagine it is what it is:  a lesson.  because after thinking about this song, i realized that no matter what humans here on earth do with your legacy- no matter how disturbing, how sad or upsetting- they CANNOT, in ANY way, take away the teachings.


and yes, still being here on this earth i acknowledge i will continue to be angry at what they are doing.  i just have to remind myself that nothing is permanent.  except truth.  it’s the only thing which has remained strong over generations.

those who allow themselves to recognize energy will see truth.  it has always been here, and it is never leaving.  thank you again, michael, for reaching people in places we would least expect…  as people dance to your music, the vibrations of the teachings you have made the decision to continue (from our ancestors) will never cease to resonate.  you have made such a global impact, to the point where the teachings could never be ignored.

when you told martin bashir how you wanted to live forever (in response to whether or not you wanted to be buried) i instantly recognized what you were saying.  surely, no one with the the type of impact you have made would want to be buried.  surely, bashir and those who watched the interviews you did with him must know that even though the physical casing returns to the atmosphere, a soul remains, in many manifestations.

surely, people must know that we should not attach ourselves to the casings we come to this earth with…  that said, in order for our souls to be in balance with the environment, we must treat the casings with love, as they still carry our souls in this life.

I Just Want You To
Recognize Me
In The Temple
You Can’t Hurt Me
I Found Peace
Within Myself

again, thank you.  and i hope to do my best to honor the work you have learned from your ancestors…  those lessons i have always recognized, yet you have taught so effectively.

love, jamilah


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