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’72 Seasons’ And The Tears Of Realization

i am sitting here crying. During these late hours (when the inspiration to write and create tends to happen the most) i began to cry, as i make attempts to get into bed. It has been waiting to come out … Continue reading

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Baba Pharoah Sanders Has Met The Ancestors…

September 24, 2022. Central Park East. As i rolled through the mini tunnel i said to myself, ‘Pharoah Sanders played in this tunnel,’ and i smiled. While i definitely got my tunnels wrong (the one he played in was in … Continue reading

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Through Rainbow Insides: The Spiritual Gifts Of Metallica’s 40th Solar Return

(Warning: The following content includes mention and/or descriptions of abuse, suicide and depression.  To get more details about the shows, go here: https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-rbc7t-1160ce8) December 22, 2021. John Coltrane.  Psalm. These are the only words i can think of, if one … Continue reading

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