A Conversation On Disability & Metal (feat. Nick (aka MetalLawyer))


(RECORDED ON APRIL 23, 2023) jamilah has been fairly open on this podcast about her experience as an amputee, and the ways music is now experienced due to it.  We want to take time in various episodes to explore the various experiences had, under the spectrum of disabilities that exist.

On this episode we have Nick, who was born with cerebral palsy.  jamilah and Nick met via a community of listeners and appreciators of Metal Up Your Podcast (MUYP), a… podcast (!!!) developed out of a love for Metallica.  There’s a bit of conversation about MUYP; as well as discussions on how our disabilities shape our experiences, our love for the band beginning with the letter M, as well as what can be done in order for metal to be more welcoming.  And of course, Nick discusses his profession as a lawyer (and the way metal inspires him- hence the name, MetalLawyer).

For more information or queries for Nick, go to https://www.nrollerlaw.com/

For questions, comments, etc.  you can reach us here: musicandwejj@gmail.com




About jamilah

i think about a lot of things, and sometimes i write about them.
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