Music and We (MJ webisode no. 1): What do you think would have happened after ‘This Is It?’



(This is also another chapter in the evolution of the book i was writing- people have asked why i stopped writing it after his transition. Not only is there an evolution of sorts in how i view Michael, i also feel that the book carried a different meaning (at that time). i may still post segments of the book on this site.)

Here’s the video’s description:

‘Music and We’ was actually the name of an MJ tribute i held in 2010, along with my dear friend Barry (who is no longer on the physical plane). This web series is dedicated to him, based on those many long nights we spent dissecting our thoughts (politically and otherwise) on what MJ meant to us. This webisode is also inspired by conversations i see regarding Michael Jackson on the internet.

It does seem a bit silly to be focusing a webisode on a person who has not physically been here for almost ten years at this point; however, Michael Jackson is a person who, to me, is still teaching outside of the physical realm. As mentioned numerous times in videos i’ve made, his imperfections are those teachable moments. i think he is also an extremely polarizing person (in a sociopolitical sense), and this fascinates me. This webisode focuses on those things.

This is episode 1- more to come. Enjoy!

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