michael, peace will come, no matter what: a reflection (no. 6)


i am going to make this quick and go through this (yet again):  there is a difference between believing, and knowing.  if one is confident of the existence of an event, person or thing, this doesn’t make it fact, or absolute truth.  then again, even if you KNOW something it may be seen as only an individual, as opposed to an absolute truth.

i’m sure you know where i am getting at here.  i don’t follow the ‘death hoax’ community; when i do see commentaries though, i have to wonder.  to me, the question is no longer whether or not you have hoaxed your transcendence…  the issue is that people are putting it out there as a series of declarative statements- at the same time, emphasizing the word LIE in the word ‘believe’.

if you indeed are still here on this earth (which i do not ‘believe’, but let’s just have this conversation for the sake of an argument or hypothesis) i HIGHLY doubt you are going to appear when people claim you are, according to a numerological study; or some statement made about having ‘four years to get it right’ or whatever.

i think about something you said back in 1983 regarding your work, about:

“creating something that’s so incredible; an illusion.  to put people in a situation, no matter what it may be…  and give ’em totally the opposite or the unexpected, so much more than what they thought would happen.”

with so many people expecting your return (like elvis presley or tupac shakur) and creating scenarios on how you are going to do it; i’d think if you actually WERE going to return, it would be at a time people would have stopped focusing on it.  because you have set up your performative life to be based in fantasy so much of the time, this gave people the creative license to create said scenarios in terms of your physical renaissance.


if indeed you were still physically here i would think it was because you wanted to finally have some peace in your life.  if you were here; as much of a perfectionist and image-conscious as you were/are i doubt you’d really orchestrate something so messy as to have family members, friends and associates ‘drop hints’ or make so-called errors in interviews or twitter feeds.  i doubt you’d choose to have all of your personal business out there in light of your transcendence.  and i HIGHLY doubt you’d want your children to be out in public in the way they are now.  perhaps it’s ME casting aspersions; i just don’t think you’d orchestrate something as exploitative as what is going on in the ‘post-transition period’.

i think ‘illusion’ is an operative word; however, it applies in this case.  there’s so much of an emphasis on an individual’s return and how he’s playing games with us all, but never the message.

“i know the creator will go. but his work survives. that is why to escape death i attempt to bind my soul to my work.”

your ruminations on michelangelo are fitting.  again, why do we choose to hold on to the casing of the creator?  why do we choose to make sense of a transcendence by extending a sort of denial, doing our best to seek proof wherever we can find it, regardless of whether or not it’s based in fact?

why does it matter to us whether or not you are still here?  if you suddenly popped up and said ‘HA!  i fooled you all, i faked my death!’; would that change our perceptions of the teachings?

the connection to the physical is, in many ways, the illusion.  this is something you knew very well.  the presentation of something- a concert, a song, a news report- is the illusion.  the messages inside those illusions are what we tend to miss.


when presented with all of these ‘death hoax’ theories, it’s important to remember there are some who are capitalizing off of the wishes of others who still hope for you to still be here.  there are people who waver and alter their responses.  there are people who are evasive and give responses to feed into drama.  and again, there are the declarative statements.

i acknowledge asking the question of whether or not you were still physically here some time ago, due to there being a lot of holes i n the reportage of your transition; even though there are still holes, i don’t necessarily attribute that to you being a man behind the curtain, controlling this whole event.  i eventually asked myself if there was a possibility of others purposefully destroying, altering or omitting information for the sake of capitalizing off of others’ grief.  if people still think you’re alive, they will purchase anything ‘official’ with your name on it, because they feel it supports you and your children.  and because the people heading the estate, family members and others either do not respond or make comments which could be misconstrued as giving clues or making errors, it makes a ‘death hoax theory’ much more feasible.

i say this, because i tend to hear or see the ‘beLIEvers’ speaking about the usual suspects making these comments.  those giving interviews and performing in tributes and ceremonies in honour of you appear to speak the loudest.  there are others you may have been close to, who do not publicly speak about you at all.  i am thinking they have chosen to grieve quietly.

frankly, even if you are still here on earth, i’d think you’d have a long period of laying low before you’d even think of plotting a ‘comeback’.  if this is the case, i think it would be most respectful to just honour the teachings, and be thankful for the experiences and art we got to share in whatever incarnation you had in this life, without anticipating or theorizing a return.

watch me pull all the stops out here now- HA!  if we are looking at things numerically (or even biblically), 7 is the number of completion.  as you transcended (from the casing we have all become familiar with) on the 25th of june, mathematically you have moved on from one cycle to another if you add the 2 and the 5.

i’m sure that made little sense, but here is a numerologist speaking of the number 7 in relation to you:

“…a fear of his imminent death had become a permanent part of his existence for at least two years, since August or September of 2007. I don’t know if there was anyone in his life close enough that he would have shared his most inner and private thoughts, but if there was, that person would know exactly what I am talking about.

And this is where the number 7 comes into the picture. Often, when a person becomes genuinely aware of his or her mortality, it boosts that individual’s need for spiritual comprehension to much higher levels, a comprehension that is symbolized by the number 7. Like the chicken and the egg, we can argue whether the number 7 started occurring in his life as a result of Michael’s increased need for a connection with his spirit, or whether his spiritual hunger was the result of the recurring presence of the 7, either way, the two go hand-in-hand.”


this makes absolute sense to me, in relation to the hoax theories.  as a person who constantly did seek out a connection with the spirit, it would make sense that you would want to move on from one aspect of your life into another.

and even when you were on your (what i consider to be a) ‘death bed’ you were striving to continue the teachings.  it was that completion- to have all your debts settled (of course), and to bring forth the world’s largest children’s hospital.  the thing which upsets me the most about the ‘hoax theories’ is again, not even whether or not you are ‘alive’; but that i don’t see any attempts to look beyond the casing.

when will there be the day we look within ourselves to do the work which inspired us?  we can never avoid the inevitability of physical ‘death’; but what are we doing to ensure our work is eternal?

love, jamilah


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