michael, may you now be at peace: a reflection (no. 83)


michael, i am extremely glad to have never been in your position…  i always forget what it’s like to go out into the world, and then when i go out i either get upset, or i want to retrieve.  the outside world just scares me.

i went out to have a good time and bask in your teachings…  i had on the ‘smooth criminal’ outfit and people kept asking to take my picture, grabbing me, staring at me, gesturing for me to go on stage…  i ended up having a terrible evening, feeling absolutely violated.

‘man in the mirror’ (one of your greatest teachings) was played.  your teachings were running through me; at the end of the song this woman told me i was a “sexy bitch”, then in front of me this guy was dancing and fondling his crotch (he ended up doing it again, trying to get my attention).  i mean, it was ‘MAN IN THE MIRROR’!  have some respect!!!


the sheer disrespect ruined my evening.  i felt a little better after time passed, but my soul felt so low.  what i experienced was just a fraction of a fraction of what you experienced.  whenever i see footage of you amidst crowds of fans it saddens me to no end.  when our humanity is diminished in exchange for status, there is something very wrong with our society.

there’s still so much i have to learn about the world…  admittedly, i am extremely naive.

love, jamilah


About jamilah

i think about a lot of things, and sometimes i write about them.
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